In 1999, John Sundman published Acts of the Apostles, which has been called “the greatest hacker book ever” and “the first great thriller of the era of synthetic biology.” Set in 1995, it tells the tale of Silicon Valley genius Monty Meekman, his cult-like following of neurohackers, and the few brave souls who stand between them and world domination. In 2014, Sundman published Biodigital, Acts of the Apostles updated and re-imagined.

In Meekman Rising, set in the mid 1970’s, during the earliest days of genetic engineering, we meet the young, charismatic Stanford professor Abraham Angevine and the vulnerable young minds he preys upon — some as young as 12 years old. Twenty years later, some of these children will have become his fervent apostles — and others his implacable foes. For they were all witness to the Meekman Apotheosis on Mt. Diablo. . .

Meekman Rising, the prequel to both Acts of the Apostles and Biodigital, is now available for pre-order. It will be published in November, 2016.

The prequel to Biodigital


Meekman Rising

John Sundman

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