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Sundman figures it out! is my current newsletter/bog hosted on Substack. It’s an episodic autobiographical meditation covering my first seven decades as a human. I typically post two or three essays each month. Things I’ve touched on so far a great scene in the first Jason Bourne movie; a profoundly unexpected experience I had in a remote African village during a time of famine, pestilence and drought; my first (among an eventual 120 or so) visits to Silicon Valley, my ten years as a firefighter on Martha’s Vineyard, including the only time I was ever scared during firefighting operations; a road trip from Colorado Springs to Telluride with my brother Paul, dying of ALS; getting jumped and knifed by two assailants in a dark alley in Dorchester (Boston); encounters with some of the pioneers of artificial intelligence and molecular biology, and what it felt like when my heart stopped beating.

Sign up for Sundman figures it out! and get a free copy of Biodigital, a novel of Technopotheosis.

Biodigital combines the best qualities of good science fiction, realistic and visionary science, with a great story that flows well and prose of a quality usually associated with great literature. The characters are well drawn with intriguing interweaving stories. [It] reminds me of the work of Margaret Atwood or J.B. Priestley. — Franklin Abrams


At some point I will import the archives from my mothballed Technopotheosis newsletter into substack, but in the meantime you can find them here:

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