Illustration by Cheeseburger Brown
Illustration by Cheeseburger Brown

My little illustrated dystopian phantasmagoria The Pains is now available on Amazon, Apple and all the other usual suspects as a free ebook download.…

This book has been around since late 2008 and has never really found much of an audience. But I’m still really proud of it. It’s kind of a re-imagining of the Story of Job set in a universe that’s part Orwell’s 1984 and part Ronald Reagan’s 1984 and part some whacky who knows what. And there’s a heavy dose of chaos theory.

It’s the least prominent of the three books in my Mind over Matter trilogy — kind of the Holy Ghost of Mind over Matter, if you will — but I think it’s a great book and I’m really proud of it, so I hope you’ll download it and read it and like it and post a review.

As you’ll see if you check out the Amazon page, there are 25 or so legit reviews, so you can get a pretty good sense of what the book is about and whether it’s worth your time.

Moreover, my novel Biodigital, which some fans consider my best work, is available as a free download to those who sign up for my email list:…

This book is about as timely as a book can be, given recent developments in genetic engineering. Why not sign up for my list and get your own free copy?

Obviously I’m giving away my books for free in an attempt to make them known to a bigger audience. Any suggestions for other things I can do towards this end are most welcome.