Sundman figures it out! An episodic autobiographical meditation in the spirit of St. Augustine, Emily Dickinson, and Philip K. Dick.

More than a mere blog or newsletter, Sundman figures it out!, out is a fun, moving and startling inquiry into the nature of the self.

Sundman figures it out! has become, no question, my favorite substack

Geraldine Brooks, Pulitzer Prize winning author of Horse, Caleb’s Crossing, The Secret Chord, People of the Book, March, and Year of Wonders.

Subscribe for free and get a complimentary copy of Biodigital: A Novel of Technopotheosis.

Sundman figures it out!,  an episodic autobiographical meditation covering my first seven decades as a human. Subscribe for free and get a complimentary copy of Biodigital. 

Sundman’s Big Splash

Late 2023 is the target date for Sundman’s Big Splash(TM), parts A,B,C:

A) Re-releases of:

  • Acts of the Apostles, with a new introduction by Cory Doctorow;
  • Biodigital, new introduction by John Biggs;
  • Cheap Complex Devices, new introduction by David Weinberger;
  • The Pains, new introduction by Ken Macleod;

B) New novel Mountain of Devils, the prequel to both Acts of the Apostles and Biodigital;

C) Spanish language editions of Acts, Biodigital, CCD and Pains.

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As part of the Big Splash, founding members of Sundman figures it out! will receive print copies of all five books (Acts of the Apostles, Cheap Complex Devices, The Pains, Biodigital:A novel of technopotheosis, and Mountain of Devils), autographed by me.