Crispr Congress 2017 – a quick snapshot

About a month ago I attended Hanson-Wade’s “Crispr Congress” in Boston. This was their third such event, and I’ve attended all three of them. Below, a very quick report on what I saw and learned there.

Painfully Yours, and still free!

I’m running a promotion today to widely publicize that my little illustrated novella, The Pains is available as a free ebook. That is to say, I’m spending good money to make it known that this book is free. Never mind the words that I wrote for this book; the illustrations alone …

The Pains, Yours Free

My little illustrated dystopian phantasmagoria The Pains is now available on Amazon, Apple and all the other usual suspects as a free ebook download.… This book has been around since late 2008 and has never really found much of an audience. But I’m still really proud of it. It’s …

Art, Ethics and Synthetic Biology

Recently I was invited to give a talk at the SynbioBeta Activate! Edinburgh synthetic biology conference. This post is based on my remarks there. I began my talk with a short account of a survivor of the Clydebank Blitz in the early days of World War Two. My intention was …


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